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China hot dip galvalume steel

  • Galvalume Corrugated Steel

    Contact NowGalvalume Corrugated Steelgalvalume corrugated steel Hot Dipped Galvalume Steel Coil PPGL Corrugated Board For Roofing Description: The hot dip galvalume steel is a kind of coated steel. With the cold rolled steel of different strength and thickness as substrate, it is produced through applying Al-Zn coat on both faces...Read More

  • cold rolled steel plate Cold-rolled Steel Plates

    Contact Nowcold rolled steel plate Cold-rolled Steel Platesscales which often appear in the hot-rolled process. The surface quality is excellent, with smooth finish. In addition, the dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled products is high, and the product performances and organization can meet some special requirements, such as, electromagnetic properties...Read More

  • pre painted steel sheet Prepainted Steel

    Contact Nowpre painted steel sheet Prepainted SteelColor coated steel plate is a new pre-coated band steel product having been rapidly developed worldwide for nearly three decades, which is made through chemical pretreatment, initial coating and fine coating and other processes on high-speed continuous units. The coating quality is more uniform,...Read More

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