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The Production Process Of Corrugated Steel


Corrugated steel is a very rugged, steel, and now the construction site is very large, it is a concrete structure defects instead of materials. Corrugated steel has many advantages, such as: very durable, shorten the construction time, green and so on. Applied to a variety of environments, currently in rural pastoral urban architecture, marine and so on in the application of corrugated steel. And the long life of corrugated steel, which greatly saves the construction of the maintenance cycle, not only saves money, Corrugated Steel but also conducive to the environment. Below, Xiaobian for you to briefly introduce the type of corrugated steel components, corrugated steel production process and production equipment.

First, the type of corrugated steel components in the use of three major structural forms: a. Corrugated steel stitching large highway culvert (span 4m or more) ring bellows spiral corrugated pipe

Second, the production process of corrugated steel Metal bellows is made of hot-rolled steel (coil) made of corrugated plate rolled or assembled from the general thickness of 1.6-8mm, steel mainly Q235 (SS400), Q345, etc. , The current domestic common processing methods for rolling and molding two rolling molding method can be divided into two kinds, one is the first into a round after ripples; the other is the first steel plate into a corrugated tile The first method by the tube size and transport conditions, the diameter can not be too large, Corrugated Steel the diameter is generally 0.5-2.5 & nbsp; meters, each section of the length of about 3 meters.

Bellows is the hot-rolled steel plate into a ripple, you can increase the stiffness of the pipe section and the tube tube pressure resistance strength, the factory before the use of hot-dip galvanizing process and construction site spraying asphalt, Corrugated Steel double-layer anti-corrosion treatment to ensure the service life, The culverts built with such joints are called steel corrugated culverts.

Production process <Finishing type: Coil - Shear processing - Drum - Welding - Rolling - Welding flange - Punching (drilling) - Hot dip galvanizing - Assembly - Asphalt anti-corrosion - Backfill construction Assembly type: Volume Plate - shearing - cold forming - starting arc - punching - hot dip galvanizing - assembly - asphalt anti-corrosion - backfill construction

Third, the production of corrugated steel type of equipment Cold-rolled corrugated steel production equipment are: metal corrugated steel cold forming unit (single corrugated plate cold forming unit), Corrugated Steel metal corrugated steel plate arc machine (according to the design of corrugated steel coil Into a certain degree of curvature), metal corrugated steel pipe wave machine (tube rolling wave machine), corrugated steel plate punching equipment. Equipment cost: single piece of corrugated plate cold forming unit 250-670 million (hydraulic 70 million), starting from 20-30 million yuan (plus CNC plus 35,000); tube wave machine 14-30 million Yuan punching equipment, Corrugated Steel some plants with a simple small drilling machine, multi-piece corrugated board with the drill, two 35 rocker drill more than 10,000 yuan; some manufacturers with punching equipment, porous with red, punching a need 500 tons of hydraulic press with a punching die to be 30,000 yuan.

Fourth, the advantages of corrugated steel structure integrated corridor: First, the construction period Short corrugated steel structure Corridor for the overall corrugated steel pipe (pipe diameter & lt; 3m) or assembled corrugated steel plate, the material in the factory processing production, on-site assembly, construction speed , Compared to the traditional concrete structure of cast-in-place pipe construction period can save more than 30%.

Second, the price advantage Corrugated steel structure for the steel shell, its simple structure, low cost of the project. To 4x3.5m reinforced concrete pipe gallery, for example, Corrugated Steel the construction cost of about 80 million yuan per kilometer, and the use of φ4.5m corrugated steel pipe replacement, the construction cost of about 6,000 to 70 million yuan per kilometer, the use of functional Fully meet the demand. In the cost than the traditional concrete structure has obvious advantages.

Third, the adaptability of reinforced concrete structure in the foundation of uneven settlement deformation, prone to cracks and other diseases, and corrugated steel structure has the ability to adapt to the foundation and foundation deformation, to avoid the foundation due to uneven settlement of the structural damage caused by the problem.

Fourth, the standard green corrugated steel factory using standardized design, production, simple structure, easy to control quality. Corrugated steel structure to reduce the cement, gravel, Corrugated Steel sand and other natural materials, the amount of protection of the environment, low-carbon environmental protection.

In view of the many advantages of corrugated steel, corrugated steel is gradually replacing concrete. But the corrugated steel, after all, is still just beginning to rise a kind of building materials, so to be accepted by the public also need a gradual process, and corrugated steel to completely replace the concrete in the sewer, drainage, shunt and other community facilities or to a very long period The As the market competition more and more intense, in order to significantly reduce construction costs, corrugated steel will become a trend. Above is the relevant content of corrugated steel, hoping to help everyone!

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