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The Corrugated Steel Is Factory Standardized


Corrugated steel corridor for the overall corrugated steel pipe (pipe diameter <3m) or assembled corrugated steel plate, the material in the factory processing production, on-site assembly, construction speed, compared to the traditional concrete structure of cast-in-place pipe construction period can save more than 30% The

The corrugated steel structure is a steel shell, Corrugated Steel its structure is simple, the project cost is low. To 4x3.5m reinforced concrete pipe gallery, for example, the construction cost of about 80 million yuan per kilometer, and the use of φ4.5m corrugated steel pipe instead of its construction costs about 6000 to 70 million yuan per kilometer, the use of function Fully meet the demand. Corrugated Steel In the cost than the traditional concrete structure has obvious advantages.

Strong adaptability

The corrugated steel structure has the ability to adapt to the deformation of the foundation and the foundation, and avoid the structural damage caused by the uneven settlement of the foundation. Corrugated Steel The reinforced concrete structure is prone to crack and other diseases when the foundation is deformed unevenly.

Standard environmental protection

Corrugated steel structure using factory standardized design, production, simple structure, easy to control the quality. Corrugated steel structure to reduce the cement, gravel, Corrugated Steel sand and other natural materials, the amount of protection, the environment, low-carbon environmental protection.

What is corrugated steel?

• corrugated steel structure (tube | plate | arc)

• Always take galvanized or other measures to prevent corrosion

• After more than 100 years of research and application abroad, the technology is very mature.

• The United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries and regions have been widely used in the construction of corrugated steel production.

Second, the structure of corrugated steel - strong bearing capacity

Corrugated steel pipe clever use of hyperbolic thin-walled structure, the use of less metal materials and load the material to form a decentralized pressure of the overall compression structure, resulting in the load structure to maximize the carrying capacity and stability.

Third, the upgrading of new ideas - optimize the direction of the material

• The volume ratio of corrugated steel is about 10 times that of cement;

• High strength, heavy duty trucks;

• Corrosion resistance, anti-aging ability, due to the modern steel hot-dip galvanizing technology breakthrough development, corrugated steel life is about 2-4 times the cement products;

• Strong resilience, Corrugated Steel strong resistance to deformation, Corrugated Steel strong resistance to earthquakes and other disasters;

• construction is fast and not seasonal;

• Low maintenance and lower cost.

Fourth, the widely used corrugated steel in foreign countries

• Many of the infrastructure of the building has also changed from the early gravity structure to the modern tension structure, which is changed from reliable gravity stabilized building to tension-type stable structure, which is more effective and reliable, such as the change of wind power tower.

• In particular, the underground facilities (mainly the drainage and drainage systems, bridges and culver facilities) in developed countries are gradually replacing the high-cost reinforced concrete structures.

• Previously seen in the small and medium-sized pipeline is basically cement and even ceramic materials, and now these countries regardless of the new or repair are basically using corrugated steel pipe.

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