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Steel Has Been Widely Recognized


Steel structure is mainly used steel, steel plate connected or welded into a component, and then connected by the structure of the system. The high-rise steel structure is often made of steel frame structure, steel frame-supporting structure, steel frame-concrete core tube (shear wall) structure, which is widely used in modern high-rise and super-high-rise buildings, and belongs to steel-concrete mixed structure , Steel Structure So that the advantages of steel and concrete complement each other, give full play to material performance.

Steel structure is made of steel-based building structure, compared with other structures have many advantages. Steel structure with high strength, good plastic toughness, with strong seismic performance, anti-dynamic capacity and ductility, if reasonable use can enhance the available area of the building; Second, Steel Structure the steel structure of light weight, site construction speed, can shorten the duration ; Third, the size of steel components are accurate, easy to determine the specifications, can achieve the scale of construction, industrialization, but also easy to quality control.

The plasticity and toughness of the steel decrease with the temperature drop, and the toughness is drastically reduced at low temperature, especially in the brittle transition temperature zone, Steel Structure and brittle fracture is prone. Therefore, the steel structure, especially the welded structure, which is often or may be at a lower negative temperature, should be made of steel with good chemical composition and good mechanical properties and brittle transition temperature below the structural working ambient temperature. Steel Structure The steel structure connection may be welded or non-welded (bolts or rivets).

Into the major industrial parks, you can see most of the plant, are used in steel structure, which is because this plant with the traditional reinforced concrete plant compared to the construction period is short, strong earthquake resistance, environmental protection and energy saving, Strong advantages, Steel Structure making the steel structure in the modern industry has a great market, has been widely recognized. Of course, high-rise steel structure should also pay attention to the design, construction and other aspects of the rationality.

Compared to the traditional building, the steel structure has its own unique advantages: it is faster to build, high-rise steel structure parts are produced by the production enterprises, and large, ready-made building materials, making the construction more Convenient, Steel Structure the installation is also more rapid, so that the installation cycle greatly reduced. In addition, the steel structure of its own weight is very light, so that the requirements on the ground is not so high, and the earthquake will not cause a greater impact, these are reinforced concrete structure of the plant can not compare. Finally, its environmental protection factor is also relatively high, because it is green building, steel is high-strength high-performance items, can be used repeatedly, so, very energy saving.

I believe that all friends know that the corrosion resistance of steel structure is very poor, so whenever there are branches, Steel Structure leaves and other items attached to the exterior of the steel when the friends must be timely to clear, otherwise it is likely Causing corrosion of the plant. But also in the appearance of the plant to clean up when you friends should also pay attention to a little problem, that is, Steel Structure we must not use hard material to clean the items, otherwise the appearance of the plant will bring some damage.

So from the internal aspects of the factory friends how should we care? Perhaps many of my friends in the plant after the construction of want to privately change the structure of the plant, if you have such an idea, then hope that friends must quickly dispel such an idea. Because the private modification is likely to bring a lot of danger, but also in the plant when the electricity, friends must also pay attention to the application of trunking, wire isolation, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

It is very difficult to deal with them when they are put into production in the future, and these are generally some of the special or important construction procedures in the course of steel construction. While the general construction procedure is generally said that the possibility of quality problems is very small. Generally in the construction process, the more specific construction procedures such as welding stitching or painting, etc., and some important construction procedures include cutting and assembly and so on.

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