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Purlin Method Of Lap


Purlin with the main purlin and sub-purlin of the points.

The main purlins are connected to the roof and the external structure of the pillars. The purlins are used to connect the roof panels and the outer wall panels to the foundation structure. Purlin The main purlins are the main structural components commonly used in modern steel structure design.

Purlin installation

Leveling: before the installation of the purlin support for testing and leveling, the purlins by root review its flatness, Purlin the installation of the purlin between the height control in the range of ± 5mm.

Banner: purlin support point should be designed according to the location of the fixed point of support, for this support point application line drawn by the purlin installation and positioning, according to purlin layout inspection acceptance.

Fixed: according to the design requirements of welding or bolt fixed, fixed again before the adjustment position, deviation ≤ ± 5mm.

Acceptance: purlin installation by the project technical responsibility to inform the quality of staff or supervision engineer acceptance, confirmed and transferred to the next process.

Purlin spacing and span arrangement

The design of the purlins should first take into account the influence of the skylights, Purlin ventilation roofs, lighting belts, roofing materials, and purlin supply specifications to determine the purlin spacing and to determine the span of the purlins according to the spacing of the main frame. Purlin Determining the optimal purlin span and spacing is a complex issue. With the increase in the span, the amount of main frame and purlins is bound to increase. But the reduction of the number of main frame frame can reduce the amount of steel, purlin spacing can also increase the amount of purlins. Thicker purlins can also reduce the amount of steel units per unit. But the purlin span increases, the amount of support is also a corresponding increase. All these factors need to be considered. China's research on this content is relatively small, the British 90-meter-long building made a systematic study, Purlin the results show that the span of more than 20 meters of the framework, 7.5 m frame spacing is the best; for less than 20 meters span Frame, 4.5 m frame is optimal. This result can only be used in our country.

2, simple purlin and continuous purlins structure

The purlin member may be designed as a simple support member or may be designed as a continuous member. Simple purlin and continuous purlins are generally achieved by means of lap. Simple purlin does not need to overlap length, type purlins simple branch lap way, the lap length is very small, Purlin for the C-type purlins can be connected to the purlin. The use of continuous components can withstand greater load and deformation, and therefore more economical. The continuous construction of the purlins is also relatively simple and can be achieved by lap and tightening. The Z-type purlins with oblique crimping can be overlapped, and the crimp-type purlins can be overlapped with different types of crimp-type cold-formed steel sleeves, showing the continuous purlins lap method. Note that the overlap between the end of the purlin and the lap is slightly different, mainly because the end of the frame to connect with the gable wall. The length of the purlin lap is designed to be continuous, and the working performance of the continuous purlins is obtained by the length of the overlapped components. Therefore, the continuous purlin is more than 6 meters in length, otherwise it will not be able to achieve the economic purpose.

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