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Prefabricated Steel Is Widely Used


In addition to the construction drawings and specifications required for the production of steel components in the steel platform, should also consider the field installation of the process and installation size changes. Prefabricated steel development prospects Prefabricated steel is the future development trend.

Due to the development of science and technology and the improvement of the quality of steel, the importance of prefabricated steel is affirmed by the advanced countries. In Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and other places, the construction of the plant is made of prefabricated steel. In some advanced cities, buildings, bridges, large public works, but also the use of prefabricated steel construction. In the last 10 years, in the United States, Prepainted Steel about 70% of non-residential and two-storey buildings have adopted lightweight steel frame systems.

Prefabricated steel features

1. Large-span prefabricated steel has a better advantage for beam depth and span. Such as the general reinforced concrete beam depth and span ratio of about 1:12, while the prefabricated steel was 1:24.

The weight ratio of prefabricated steel to reinforced concrete is about 1: 1.6, and the seismic force = mass * earthquake acceleration, so the lighter weight, Prepainted Steel the seismic force is also reduced. Prefabricated steel, if properly handled, is more effective against seismic resistance.

3. Prefabricated prefabricated steel components can be manufactured in the factory, mass production, reduce labor, rapid construction, shorten the duration, to ensure quality.

4. Toughness Large prefabricated steel with the appropriate ingredients and heat treatment, can increase the strength and toughness, improve safety.

5. Calculate the structure of accurate prefabricated steel due to the quality of uniform, steel strength, for other materials less than.

6. Design flexibility large difficulty of the large span, Prepainted Steel special shape, are used prefabricated steel design and breakthrough.

7. nice

The use of matching materials, such as color steel, aluminum, glass curtain wall and other color change of the times the product can be with each other to create a beautiful and generous buildings. Single cross-beam frame series (see standard structure frame)

Single-span steel beam series is widely used as a building system, suitable for industrial and commercial plant and indoor sports field, because of its many advantages: factory production, on-site construction convenient, durable, new appearance, high quality and high efficiency, The price is appropriate, the size of the column can be arranged according to the needs of free, to meet the different climate and different requirements of the use. So, Prepainted Steel has been in the country more and more widely used.

Multi-span continuous beam frame series The multi-span continuous frame series is an internal steel frame structure, especially for large buildings that require large span and allow intermediate columns. The structure can make full use of space, reduce the amount of steel per unit area, thereby reducing the cost per unit area. Span can range from 30-105m or more Common column spacing is generally 6-9m or greater.

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