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Light Weight And High Bearing Capacity Of Steel Structure


Characteristics of steel structure

1. Light weight and high bearing capacity of steel structure: belong to lightweight high-strength materials

2, the steel nozzle is close to homogeneous homogeneous body: the steel is divided into small pieces each small block will have roughly the same mechanical properties and in all directions, Steel Structure the performance is basically the same as the foundation of solid mechanics

3. Good plasticity and toughness of steel: Under the action of static load, steel has good plastic deformation ability.

4, the steel has a good welding performance: the so-called welding performance "good" means that the steel in the welding process and welding can maintain the integrity of the welding part of the nature of not cracking

5, steel structure has no leakage characteristics: whether the use of welding, Steel Structure riveting or bolt connection steel structure can be closed without leakage

6, the steel structure manufacture factory, the construction assembles: the component lighter construction facilitates the site occupies the small construction period to be short also facilitates the demolition reinforcement and the reconstruction extension

7, steel corrosion Resistance: steel in a large humidity, corrosive media environment, Steel Structure corrosion-prone section weakening to weaken the structure damage the service life and thus the steel structure needs regular maintenance

8. Good heat-resisting property of steel structure but the fire performance is poor: The experimental proof steel from room temperature to 150 ℃ when the performance change is not much more than 150 ℃ after the strength and plastic changes are very large to reach 600 ℃ when the strength to zero total loss of bearing capacity to improve the steel structure of fire-resistant grade of half commonly used concrete or bricks will be The fire resistance limit of steel members is 1 when the fireproof coating is 15mm thick. 5h

Reasonable application range of steel structure

1, heavy industrial plant: span and column spacing are relatively large or with heavy working cranes or large-tonnage cranes or with $number-layer cranes, and some high-temperature workshop should be used steel crane girder steel roof truss and steel pillars and other components to all steel structure

2, large-span structure: the larger the span of structure, the less the weight of structure will have obvious economic effect.

3, towering structure and high-rise building: high-rise structure including high-voltage transmission line tower variable power structure broadcast and television tower and mast, etc. these structures are mainly subjected to wind load in addition to light weight easy to install the construction of steel, Steel Structure but also because of the lightweight high-strength members of steel to reduce the wind load to achieve greater economic benefits

4, the structure under the action of dynamic load: Because the steel's dynamic performance good toughness can be used as a direct bearing the weight of large or large span bridge crane girder

5, removable and movable structure: Mobile exhibition halls and movable houses and so on the most appropriate use of steel structure lightweight steel structure to facilitate the demolition of the bolt connected to facilitate the assembly and demolition of construction machinery in order to reduce the structural weight must be used steel

6, containers and pipelines: Because of the high strength of steel and airtight good, Steel Structure so high-pressure gas pipe and the pipes and boilers are made of steel

7, light steel structure: the use of single angle steel or thin-walled steel composition of light steel structure and door-type frame with a small weight to build faster than the advantages of steel, has been widely used in recent years

8, other buildings: transport corridor trestle a variety of pipe support, Steel Structure as well as blast furnace and boiler structures are usually used in steel structures.

In general, according to the reality of our country steel structure is suitable for high, large, heavy and light structures.

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