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Design Features Of Purlin


Purlin is a commonly used structural part of a building, usually used in sloping beams or structural columns of a house, for connecting roofs and facades.

Purlin was used as the roof of the beam wood, the northern dialect is also called "Boat Son." The modern purlin usually has the main purlin and the secondary purlin, the main purlin is often connected to the structural column beam. The secondary purlin is usually used to connect the roof plate and the outer wall plate, whether the main purlin or the secondary purlin are commonly used in the building part.

In modern architecture, Purlin in order to be more robust, the material of purlin is usually C-type or Z-section.

Purlin Design

Purlin design, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) When the span of purlin is less than or equal to 4m, it needs to be calculated in advance to get the result of the bar.

(2) When the overall slope of the house is greater than or equal to one-tenth or the span of purlin is greater than 4m, a pull bar shall be arranged between purlin;

(3) When Purlin span is greater than 6m, Purlin a pull bar is set at each of the three points of purlin;

(4) If the building is required to have a skylight, the side of the skylight on both sides of the purlin need to install a diagonal bar and support rod.

The construction requirements of Purlin are:

(1) Purlin to try to install in the roof of the wind node of the place, Purlin so as to facilitate the reduction of internodes moment;

(2) The need to set up the connection between Purlin and roofing items, this can prevent the purlin occurred instability and other accidents.

Purlin specifications

When making purlin in modern times, you can choose 60mm*40mm*3mm Square tube steel, or 10cm*5cm*2cm*3mm C or Z-shaped steel. and 6cm*4cm anti-corrosion Square wood is also commonly used in one of the materials.

If you need to lay an extra 88cm wide resin tile, the purlin will need to maintain a 66cm gap. When the width of the resin tile reaches 105cm, the spacing between purlin and Purlin will reach 75cm.

Purlin own size does not have a certain specification, is required according to the actual housing structure needs to decide.

Design features of Purlin

(1) Purlin is a thin-walled member, which may lose local stability and produce buckling in the force state, but can still be loaded after buckling (using the film effect, i.e. the tension field). In the design, the strength is calculated by using the effective section method.

(2) The overall stability calculation of purlin is divided into two kinds of situations:

A. Under the action of the wind pressure, Purlin the general pressure steel plate (the condition is sufficient shear parts) and the compression zone set by the Purlin tension bar can play a lateral restraint role.

B. Under the action of wind suction, the lower flange under pressure (the continuous setting of purlin under the action of wind pressure is similar), the Force state is similar to the elastic Foundation beam, it is considered that the elastic Foundation beam can be calculated by the compression rod, Purlin the restrained action of the flange is regarded as the function of the elastic foundation beams, The cross section torsion and lateral bending effect are equivalent to the lateral loads acting on the lower flange to simplify the calculation.


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