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Corrugated Steel Has The Characteristics Of Resistance To Terrain Pressure


Corrugated steel is a kind of economical section with a durable steel, with a convenient construction, light weight, corrosion resistance, resistance to terrain pressure, low price advantage. The United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and other countries of the road project has been widely used corrugated steel, Corrugated Steel and developed a design, manufacture, construction and installation manuals and norms.

With the continuous application of steel structure technology in China, corrugated steel pipe culvert has also been applied to all over the highway construction, including cross-river bridges, tunnels, cold area wind tunnel, near the mountain road anti-talc shield, open coal mine Channel, roadway and other fields, at present, has accumulated a more mature design of the corrugated pipe culvert and construction experience. In recent years, Nanjing Ring Expressway, Shanghai A15 Expressway, Jiangsu and Anhui cross-border highway, Corrugated Steel Jurong Expressway and a number of corrugated steel highway construction has been completed. In addition, the corrugated steel pipe culvert is also successfully applied to the construction of the Weihe River Bridge, which also applies to the corrugated steel pipe load-bearing requirements, Corrugated Steel to adapt to the deformation of the large-scale bridge to explore.

The wide application of corrugated steel, thanks to its excellent performance. The design of the corrugations makes it have excellent force characteristics. The vertical, axial, and circumferential directions can simultaneously distribute the tension and strain caused by the pressure. Corrugated Steel The interaction between the flexible and high-strength bellows and the backfill can form effective support, To achieve a higher pressure bearing capacity. Especially for the easy deformation, frosting and sedimentation of frozen soil, Corrugated Steel alpine regions and soft soil areas, can effectively avoid the deformation of reinforced concrete bridge, cracking and other issues.

According to reports, compared with the steel pipe, cast iron pipe, concrete pipe and high strength polyethylene pipe, corrugated steel pipe strength ratio of the lowest, per ton can save freight costs 30 to 40 yuan. In addition, the corrugated steel construction is convenient, short duration, civil engineering and pipe section can be installed separately, on-site assembly; thick galvanized material life can reach more than 50 years, if coupled with asphalt protective coating measures, life can reach 80 Year, long life, Corrugated Steel low maintenance costs, comprehensive advantages obvious.

Corrugated steel application development prospects, the need for enterprises, Corrugated Steel design institutes and users to discuss, to find gaps at home and abroad, to establish development goals and direction to promote the product, technology, market and common development, the formation of a virtuous circle.

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