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Corrugated Steel Durability Is Good


Corrugated steel is a certain size and thickness of steel plate by a specific mold roll pressure into corrugated shape structure plate, the steel corrugated steel to increase the bending inertia moment, so that it has a high bearing capacity and stability.

Corrugated steel forming belongs to wide plate type roll pressing process, Corrugated Steel its cold bending forming has the following characteristics:

1 because the width of the strip is large, the bending angle is much, so it needs more forming lanes.

2 in the process of bending forming, the transverse force of the steel belt is larger, so the width elongation must be considered.

3 due to the wide width of the strip, and small transverse stiffness, Corrugated Steel prone to transverse bending defects and intermediate bulge and wave and other defects.

As a typical spatial structure, corrugated steel steel structure has a good ductility, tensile, compressive, shear strength is higher, the structure of the component small, light weight, construction speed is fast, can provide large-span structure, and processing is in the workshop, easy to form standardization and specialization industrialization, greatly improve the productivity and so on. Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete bridge and culvert structure, the corrugated steel bridge has the characteristics of high strength, good durability, Corrugated Steel good mechanical performance, strong deformation resistance, simple construction, short duration, beautiful appearance, no need to maintain after completion.

Compared with other materials, corrugated steel has obvious advantages, specific performance in the strong and heavy ratio, non-destructive, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, installation convenience, no need to maintain, the adaptability of various environments. Corrugated Steel Using Multilayer composite board technology, corrugated steel pipe can be widely used in various sizes and shapes of structures. In the factory, the specific corrugated steel is machined into a structural plate, which is then formed and painted. The convenient whole bundle distribution way, the steel plate is easily connected into a whole tube, the arch bridge, Corrugated Steel the transverse ellipse and the culvert.

(1) Durability: Through the use of appropriate anti-corrosion measures, corrugated steel has a long service life.

(2) The convenience of construction, short duration: Multiple sheets can be stacked, even in a narrow construction site, the construction space will be minimized for safekeeping and transportation, assembly convenient, construction speed, good quality control, no need for senior professional and technical construction personnel, and even no large-scale mechanical equipment. Compared with the concrete structure, Corrugated Steel the average duration of the project can be shortened by 40%.

(3) Environmental affinity: Reduce the use of natural aggregates, the demolition of the steel 100% can be reused; the scope of engineering impact is small, is flexible structure, suitable for soft soil, expansive land, collapsible land and other ground bearing capacity of lower areas. Wall Construction gives a beautiful appearance at both ends of the entrance, giving a wide sense of openness. Reduce the damage to the surrounding environment, save repair costs, steel recycling, do not produce construction waste.

(4) Excellent economy: compared with concrete structure, the low cost of engineering can effectively reduce the budget of customers and construction parties. The simple construction method can shorten the construction period remarkably, which can make the whole project completed early and can save the maintenance cost and reduce the discontent caused by the construction. Compared with the concrete structure, Corrugated Steel its openness is very prominent, because of the reduction of the use of natural aggregates, the demolition of construction waste can be 100% recycled.

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