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Color Stainless Steel Plate Is A Very Good Decorative Materials


With it decorative do explicit Yong Rong huagui of quality, color stainless steel Board while has anti-corrosion sex strong, and mechanical performance high, and color surface layer outlasted not faded, and color with light angle different will produced tones changes, features, color stainless steel Board and color surface layer ability 200 ℃ of temperature, resistance salt fog corrosion performance than General stainless steel good, color stainless steel Board wear and resistance carved designated performance equivalent to foil layer coated gold of performance. Color stainless steel Board when bent 90 ℃, the colour layer will be damaged and can be used as Hall walls, ceilings, car plates, car plates, building decoration, signs and other decorative purposes, colored stainless steel plate are generally used to decorate walls.

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