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Cold Rolled Steel Plate Application Is Very Prominent


Cold rolled steel plate has better strength, hot rolled steel plate has better ductility, the surface quality, appearance and dimension accuracy of cold-rolled steel plate are better than hot rolled plate, and its product thickness right rolled thin to 0. Around 18mm, so it is more popular.

COLD-ROLLED steel plate is particularly widely used in life is also more common, Cold-rolled Steel Plates such as the common automotive electrical products manufacturing, mainly used to make cars corrosion-resistant components, bring huge effect of the vehicle precision instruments; In supermarkets often see food cans, kitchen utensils, etc. in construction, Mainly used in the manufacture of anti-corrosion industrial and Civil construction Roofing Board, Cold-rolled Steel Plates Roof grille and so on. In the ordinary use, the main will go to use Low-carbon steel grades, and require it has a good cold bending and welding capacity, but also have a certain stamping capacity.

Cold rolled steel plate, can get thinner thickness, higher precision, better quality cold-rolled strip and steel plate, it's higher straightness, relatively high surface finish, cold-rolled steel plate variety, wide use, Cold-rolled Steel Plates surface clean bright, often used in processing coating, so that cold-rolled steel plate has a wide range of uses, It is also the best material for the production of organic coated steel plates. In the automotive, iron drums printing and building materials and other industries are very prominent applications.

Cold rolled coil is a cold rolled steel plate, usually called rolling hard roll, because of continuous cold deformation caused by cold hardening of the rolling hard roll strength, hardness rise, Cold-rolled Steel Plates toughness and plastic index decline, so stamping performance will deteriorate, can only be used for simple deformation of the parts.

Cold Rolled steel plate is processed by hot-rolled plate at room temperature, although in the process of processing because the rolling will also make the steel plate heating, Cold-rolled Steel Plates even if it is called cold-rolled. Because of hot rolling through continuous cold deformation of cold-rolled, in mechanical performance is relatively poor, hardness is too high. It is necessary to undergo annealing to restore its mechanical properties without annealing, Cold-rolled Steel Plates called rolling hard rolls. Rolled hard rolls are generally used to make products without bending and stretching.

COLD-ROLLED steel plate is usually seen in the box plate, from the steel mills have been kaiping good. Applicable to most manufacturing industries in the market, the common specifications are: 0.7-3.0mm. Materials have ST12, ST13, ST14, ST15, ST16, ST17 and so on. Because from the steel mills out, the control of the mechanical group is relatively fine, the cold rolled out of the steel plate more accurate, so the general customer in the face of the board is not required to use cold-rolled steel plate, that is, the so-called box board. But there are also some manufacturers or manufacturers to use the panel specifications are required, such as a wider 1780 or narrower. Longer or shorter, this time, the cold rolled rolls are required. Cold rolled rolls, Cold-rolled Steel Plates like the tape we see in our daily lives, roll up the cold-rolled steel strips and are called cold rolls. Cold rolled rolls can be sized according to customer's requirements. It is more convenient to use.

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