750mm PPGI

750mm PPGI

750mm PPGI Specifications 1.Type of Substrate: hot dip galvanized, galvalume, zinc alloy, cold rolled steel, aluminium 2. Thickness: 0.13-1.2mm 3. Width: 600-1250mm 4. Coating: 5. Coil ID: 508/610mm 6. Coil Weight: 3~5Tons 7.Packing: Standard export package .Plastic film in the first...

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750mm PPGI

1.Type of Substrate: hot dip  galvanized, galvalume, zinc alloy, cold rolled steel, aluminium
2. Thickness: 0.13-1.2mm
3. Width: 600-1250mm
4. Coating:

Coating Types

Top Paint: PVDF, HDP, SMP, PE, PU

Primer Paint: Polyerethane, Epoxy, PE

Back Paint: Epoxy, Modified Polyester

Type of coating process

Front: Double Coated & Double Drying

Back: Double Coated & Double Drying, Single Coated & Double Drying


Top Paint: 10~25 micron( normal 10~12micron)

Back Paint: 5~12micron(normal 5~7micron)

5. Coil ID: 508/610mm
6. Coil Weight: 3~5Tons
7.Packing: Standard export package .Plastic film in the first layer,second layer is Kraft paper. Third layer is galvanized sheet
8. Applications:  Building industry ,structural use, roofing, commercial use ,household appliance, industry facilities, office buildings

Advantages of Our Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil
1) Excellent corrosion resistance:
The zinc layer provides a good protection of Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Sheet.
2) High heat resistance:
The reflective surface of the material aids in efficiently reflecting the sunlight away and in turn reducing the amount of heat transmitted. The thermal reflectivity converts into energy savings.
3) Aesthetics:
Pre-Painted Galvanized steel sheet is available in plethora of patterns and multiple sizes as per the requirements that given by our customers.
4) Versatility:
can be used in the various areas.
Because of its excellent decoration, formability, corrosion resistance, coating adhesion, color coated steel coil can keep their original color. As the color coated steel coil can reach good economic results such as taking place of steel, efficient construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention and so on, it has become an ideal material for manufacture of building boards.

Attentions in transportation and storage : 
PPGI Steel Coils should be stored in neat and tidy environment to avoid possible corrosion caused by all kinds of corrasive medium.
The ground for storage should be flat, without hard object, and with sufficient loading-bearing capacity. 
Storage environment should be dry and ventilated. Avoiding storing outdoors or with dew or with wide temp difference.
Coil could not be dragged lest the burr caused by slicing will scratch the coil surface underneath. Coil should be handled with care, without hitting any hard objects.

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