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Shandong Tangrong steel import and Export Trading Co., Ltd belongs to Shandong Huixin group.shandong Huixin Group is a large steel deep processing enterprise integrating the production, sale and trade of coated steel plates, color coated steel plates, cold-rolled plates and zinc ingots. The group was established in October 2009, located in the hometown of the filial son in the Han Dynasty, Dong Yong - Boxing County, Shandong Province. It has more than 1,000 employees, being equipped with advanced production equipment, and strong technical force.
Compared with other materials, corrugated steel has obvious advantages, specifically in the strong and low ratio, anti-destructive, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, ease of installation, no maintenance, a variety of environmental adaptability. The use of multi-layer composite panel technology, corrugated steel can be widely used in a variety of sizes and shapes of the structure. In the factory, the specific corrugated steel is processed into a structural plate, and then through the forming and plating. Corrugated Steel Convenient to the entire bundle of distribution, the steel plate is easily connected into a tube, arch bridge, horizontal oval and pipe culvert.
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